Course Objectives

This programme has been specially developed to help pre-teens be more aware about healthy relationships and the influence of media on their understanding of sex and sexuality.

Learning Objectives

  1. At the end of the 3-hour workshop, participants would be able to:
  2. Know how the media can influence the way people think and behave
  3. Understand what is a healthy relationship
  4. Be aware of who can touch which part of the body
  5. Protect oneself from sexual abuse
  6. Know what to do in situations when sexual abuse happens
  7. Content Outline
  8. The need to be careful
  9. Things that can influence me
  10. How the media change the way we think and behave
  11. When is a relationship healthy and when it is not
  12. The “untouchables”
  13. Who can and cannot see and touch me
  14. Protecting myself

Who Should Attend

Children aged 9 to 12 years old