This train-and-place Supermarket Retail Assistant Training Programme will prepare *persons with disabilities to work as retail assistants at a supermarket.

The programme covers the following areas:

  • Basic operational duties such as reading expiry labels, arranging items on the retail shelves using the concept of first-in-first-out, opening and assembling boxes safely etc. An actual supermarket setting inside a training room will be utilised.
  • Basic safety and health knowledge such as emergency evacuation drill, the prevention of workplace injuries and the safe use of workplace equipment.
  • Customer Service

This 10-day programme is supported by SG Enable. Participants will receive a training allowance at the end of the programme (Terms & Conditions apply).

Trainees’ Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, regardless of race, language or religion;
  2. aged 16 years old and above;
  3. is currently not pursuing full-time education or enrolled in any government or Special Education schools;
  4. has a permanent disability of any one of the following: Physical Disability, Sensory Disability, Developmental Disability and Intellectual Disability, or a combination of the above mentioned.;
  5. assessed to have the potential and commitment to be placed into open, supported or customised employment in related job positions if put through the Programme;
  6. assessed to be resolved and committed to undergo and complete the Programme to the best of their abilities;
  7. approved by the Company (if the trainee is on employment) for funding support before the commencement of the programme; and
  8. trainees must commence on or before 31st March 2020 to be eligible for funding.
    All Trainees must be registered and interviewed or assessed by the Recipient’s staff to ascertain their suitability for the Programme.