This programme aims to equip senior managers with the essential framework and techniques for them to be more proactive in finding and solving problems in the organisation context.

Some of the programme contents include an understanding of the concept of active learning using Kolb’s Learning Cycle and introducing the ideas behind systemic thinking. Creative thinking techniques and tools for teams and other team building tools are also shared in the program to help participants understand and apply what they have learnt in real-life case scenarios.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to;

  • Describe and use the Action Learning Principles for management development
  • Explain and apply the Organisational Learning Concept as a systems-based framework for organisational development
  • Identify constructive factors that can contribute towards building a more cohesive team
  • Identify destructive forces that subvert the development of teams
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques for problem-finding, problem-solving and decision-making