This is a parenting workshop with special emphasis on building a successful family. Entitled in Malay as “Visi Keluarga Cemerlang”, the workshop aims to help families receiving financial aid to be clearer of their goals in family living, and how they can help themselves to move out of the poverty trap or cycle. This workshop intends to provide suggestions or alternatives or options that they can pursue to make their lives better and be more independent. Hence, the importance of having a vision of success for each of such families.

What they will learn in this workshop:

  • Concept of vision for a Muslim family
  • Education for self and children
  • The role of hope and supplication (doa)
  • Achieving good self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Understanding the concept of “Takdir” and “Nasib”
  • Establishing Family Vision of Success
  • Involvement and commitment of family members
  • The Next Step…