This is a parenting workshop with emphasis on Effective Problem Solving. Entitled in Malay as “Cara Menyelesai Masalah Berkesan”, the workshop aims to help parents understand the different types of problems and its appropriate responses. They will learn to positively tackle problems via a simple step-by-step method and know how and when to seek assistance and/or advise. Participants will learn to prioritise the various needs of the family vis-a-vis issues they face and manage the consequences of their decisions.

What they will learn in this workshop:

  • What is a Problem
  • Different Types of Problems in a Family
  • Different Types of Responses to Family Problems
  • Attitudes in Problem Solving
  • Positive Steps when faced with Problems
  • Importance of having choices in solving problems
  • Getting external help when necessary
  • Determining priorities for the Family
  • Measuring the consequences of your decision on the Family
  • Role of tehHajat and Istikharah prayers in getting to a decision