This train-and-place employability training programme is to train *Persons with Disabilities and place them in suitable administrative and operations jobs within the workplace.

The programme covers the following broad areas:

  • Basic administrative duties such as filing and handling of office equipment
  • Basic operational duties such as cleaning and classroom or event setting
  • Basic customer service stance such as greetings and being helpful
  • Basic safety and health knowledge such as emergency evacuation drill

This 10-day programme is supported by SG Enable. Participants will receive training allowance at the end of the programme (Terms & Conditions apply).

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents need only pay 10% of the total course fees.
The course fee is $132 (upon approval and after 90% subsidy). You can use your Skills Future Credit to offset this amount.

*Persons with disabilities refer to those with autism spectrum disorder; intellectual disabilities; physical disabilities; hearing impairment; and visual impairment.