Course Objectives

This course aims to guide teachers and youth workers and facilitators to understand issues surrounding teenage sexuality and be able to deliver such sensitive programmes effectively and confidently.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the 1-Day workshop, participants would be able to:

  1. Identify common problems faced by teachers in delivering human sexuality content in class;
  2. Address personal inhibitions that may have been in the way of effective delivery of human sexuality content in class;
  3. Use key words and phrases on human sexuality with greater ease and composure, while acknowledging possible sensitivities of the use of such terms and phrases amongst the various denominations in class;
  4. Be familiar with frequently asked questions or FAQs generally posed by students.

Content Outline

  1. Issues, challenges and problems in delivering teenage sexuality content
  2. Sources of such issues, challenges and problems
  3. Teacher’s personal beliefs and values
  4. Teacher’s other sensitivities and perceptions on sexuality issues
  5. Students’ beliefs, values and other sensitivities

Who Should Attend

Educators and Youth Workers who are guiding teenagers in sexuality matters.