This program is designed for organisations wanting to embark on becoming a learning organisation. As such, the program focuses on equipping top executives, senior manager and key policy makers within the organisation with the knowledge and skills to transform the organisation.

The 5 days program includes an executive briefing on the first day to share with top executives and senior management the rationale to becoming a learning organisation and the roles of top executives and senior management teams in transforming the organisation.

Participants will be given tools to assess the organisation’s own learning cycle and frameworks to help the organisation become a learning organisation.

Day 1: Rational to Becoming a Learning Organisation

  • Global Change and Learning
  • The Knowledge Economy
  • Approaches to Becoming a Learning Organisation

Day 2: Understanding Learning in Organisations

  • What are Learning Organisations
  • Learning Organisation Action Imperatives
  • Levels of Organisation Learning

Day 3: Assessing Learning in Your Own Organisation

  • Rating Your Organisation Learning
  • Establishing the Learning Climate
  • Exercise “Understanding Organisational Learning”

Day 4: Learning From Other Organisations

  • Frameworks for Continuous Learning
  • Eleven Essential Elements for Organisational Learning
  • Devising an Implementation Plan

Day 5: Managing Change In a Learning Environment

  • Facilitating Factors that Support Learning Organisations
  • Unlearning and Relearning
  • Keys to Successful Transformations