The primary aim of this programme is to assist parents and teenagers to open their channels of communication for greater partnership in the overall development of the family. Both will be participating in the workshop at the same time but at separate venues. They will be merged together at the same place at the end of the programme.

What Parents will learn:

  • Discovering and understanding my parenting styles
  • Uncovering the personality styles of my teenager
  • Understanding teenagers and their problems today
  • Uncovering the aspirations of my teenager
  • Improving the way I communicate with my teenager
  • What it means to love and guide my teenager

What Teenagers will learn:

  • Understanding myself, my personality, my strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding my parents and their personality styles
  • Identifying parent-teen issues today
  • Identifying communications gap between me and my parents
  • Understanding my parents’ hope, aspirations and expectations of me
  • Getting along better with my parents
  • What it takes to love me and my parents