This 3 day course offers an in-depth look for managers and supervisors to understand the theories behind organisational learning and leadership in order to improve organisational effectiveness. The program introduces three modules centering on personal mastery, team learning and systems thinking.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of a learning organisation
  • Readjust their own mental model to be more positive and receptive to change
  • Relate their individual goals to organisational goals
  • Develop individual learning capabilities
  • Develop team learning skills for group effectiveness
  • Plan workplace effectiveness through systems thinking

A sample of the course content covered are:

Module 1: Work Effectiveness Through Personal Mastery

  • Understanding Personal and Shared Vision
  • Developing Mental Models
  • Being aware of the Learning Process

Module 2: Team Learning Dynamics

  • Qualities of a Learning Leader
  • Hybrid Learning
  • Creating the culture of Team Learning

Module 3: Systems Thinking in Organisational Learning

  • Learning Climate Profiling
  • Multi-skilling
  • Developing a “Helicopter Mindset”