This workshop aims to help families accomplish greater achievements by being clearer of their goals and priorities, manage their finances well, establish clear boundaries at home as part of discipline and active parents’ involvement in the development of the child at home. This workshop is an opportunity for parents to acquire and share ideas that they can pursue to make their lives better and be more successful. Hence, the importance of having a vision of success for each family.

Some of the topics that families will be exposed to:

  • Concept of family vision and learning family
  • Simple steps to set family goals
  • Resources needed to achieve family goals
  • Setting priorities to deal with limited resources
  • Do I have money in my wallet? – An exercise to profile family financial situation
  • Simple rule of thumb in managing family finances
  • Setting priorities in handling family finances
  • How to set boundaries and use them well
  • Disciplining without the cane
  • Are parents above the house rules? Issues in role-modelling
  • Characteristics of effective parents and parenting
  • Leading the way to family success

This workshop has been successfully carried for Pertapis Childcare Centres and can be customised for new clients.