This programme aims to equip parents with pertinent information on teenage sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), implications of premarital sex including the law, and the know-how to communicate effectively on sex and sexuality issues within the context of the family. The programme is supported by the Health Promotion Board.

The programme will cover the following topics:

  • Uncovering parents’ underlying values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Common problems pertaining to communicating about sex and sexuality
  • Parents’ perceptions on teenagers and their world
  • Handling changes of children who go through the puberty period
  • Understanding the concept of sexuality and the role of sex in human development
  • Understanding STDs as a major consequence to premarital sex
  • Understanding other consequences to premarital sex such as the law, psychological and long-term familial and spousal relationship impact
  • Effective use of sex and sexuality vocabulary
  • The importance of house rules
  • Chat Me! framework for effective parental sexuality communication

Examples of such programmes are:

  • Biar Pecah Di Mulut, Usah Pecah Di Perut
  • Sayangi Mereka. Berbicaralah Tentang Seksualiti.

It can be customised for new clients.