OneKidz is an interactive racial harmony programme that aims to inculcate racial harmony values into upper primary school students. The program looks at giving students the right foundation and attitude towards respecting other races through understanding their history, culture, traditions and beliefs. The programme creates learning platforms for students to be aware of and appreciate Singapore’s rich cultural diversity and encourage bonding.

OneKidz therefore aims to:

  • Raise awareness among children on the background, traditions, of the major ethnic communities as well as the festivals and rites of major religious groups in a fun and interactive manner;
  • Educate the young on the need to embrace diversity and imbibe values of Racial Harmony; and
  • Enable children of different races (and nationalities) to interact and bond with each other through fun and engaging enrichment activities

This programme was developed by SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd and has since been delivered in collaboration with

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