The HarmonyWorks! Workshop Series – 1Rojak is a specially developed program for secondary school students that focuses on developing youth leadership, initiative and commitment in promoting racial harmony and social cohesion.

What is 1 Rojak?

“Rojak” is a typical local dish that somewhat represents Singapore. The various ethnic communities stand united as Singaporeans like the various ingredients that make up the Rojak. The workshop thus aims to deepen the participant’s sense of national identity despite their different cultural and religious backgrounds using the Rojak as a familiar metaphor.

There are six key learning objectives that participants can benefit from. Each objective represents a ‘building block’ that combines to instill in each participant the values of being a Singaporean.

The six key learning objectives are:

  1. Know key characteristics of the various cultures in Singapore
  2. Understand the roots and significance of multicultural Singapore
  3. Appreciate the importance of multiculturalism in the lives of Singaporeans now and in the future
  4. Identify aspects of multicultural living that entails Tolerance
  5. Accept the idea of common spaces in the Singapore milieu
  6. Embrace the vision of One People, regardless of race, language or religion

Why 1 Rojak?

The workshop adopts an experiential learning approach. That means our trainers facilitate the workshop using audio/visual tools and games to elicit responses and views from the participants. The audio/ visual aids stimulate their thinking processes and encourage them to do deeper examination of what it means and takes to be a citizen of multicultural Singapore, while the games enable them to draw out personal learning points in a fun and interactive way.

This programme was developed by SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd and has since been delivered in collaboration with

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