‘Developing Innovative Programmes For Your Organisation’ or simply INNOVATE! has been designed and developed to meet the ever challenging programming needs of the Community and Social Services Sector in Singapore.

INNOVATE! Aims to empower Managers, Executives and Supervisors within the sector with innovative skills and knowledge in designing, developing and delivering programmes and services for their respective clients.

INNOVATE! offers participants to be competent in the following topics:

Lead and inspire teams to innovate

  • Identify types of innovation
  • Identify sources of innovative opportunities
  • Explore techniques to encourage team members to explore innovative opportunities
  • Establish basic principles to promote innovation and creativity in the workplace
  • Identify and apply methods to help employees to promote personal innovation and creativity

Foster innovative and enterprising behaviours

  • Identify ideal behaviours and traits of innovative and enterprising teams and individuals
  • Apply appropriate tools and techniques to increase a team’s ability to develop creative ideas for innovation
  • Develop action steps to increase initiative and innovation among team members
  • Foster and sustain innovation and enterprising behaviours

Generate innovative ideas for programmes in collaboration with others

  • Interpret the need for an innovative programme
  • Analyse ideas and innovations to generate innovative programs
  • Collaborate with others to develop the innovative programme
  • Present the innovative programme to relevant stakeholders