Course Objectives

This programme for youths who are at-risk or high-risk in the organisation who may require specialized attention and training on issues surrounding sex and sexuality.

Learning Objectives

  1. At the end of the 4 series 3-hour workshops, participants would be able to:
  2. Always think and be aware of the consequences of their actions;
  3. Value themselves more;
  4. Appreciate healthy relationships;
  5. Make informed choices;
  6. Able to say NO to temptations and peer pressure;
  7. Respect the opposite gender

Content Outline

  1. Impact of pre-marital sex at various levels (individual, family, society, etc);
  2. Understanding the relevant laws on sexual offences;
  3. Raising self-awareness especially in areas vulnerable to sexual temptation;
  4. Instituting the need to think responsibly;
  5. Getting equipped with personal empowering skills to stay in-charge of one’s life;

Who Should Attend

Teenagers aged 13 to 19 years old