A learning organisation is one that can optimise and centralise the information flow within the organisation so that effective sharing and learning can take place. Reg Revans, a pioneer of organisational learning notes that, “Learning inside (the organisation) must be greater than the change outside the organisation or (else) the organisation is in decline and may not survive.”

“Be Nimble Through Effective Organisational Learning” is a program that offers practical processes, insights and tools to help organisations move towards becoming a learning organisation. It provides a flexible framework for organisations to use and institute their very own version of learning systems within.

Participants going through the programme will be able to:

  • Describe the new global environment that compels organisations to be adaptive
  • Explain the principles of learning at the individual, group and organisational levels
  • Identify attributes of organisations that learn continuously
  • Explain the ways in which organisations learn
  • Work out appropriate learning strategies for their respective organisations, departments or work units
  • Create conducive environments for learning to take place continuously