This is a parenting workshop with emphasis on the need to strengthen the emotional ties between parent and their children. Entitled in Malay as “Menambat Hati Anak-Anak”, the workshop aims to help parents realise how chasms could appear within a supposedly close-knit family. They will be able to share experiences and learn how to improve parent-child relationships, and in some cases, even repair troubled or frayed relationships. Participants will learn how to ensure their different worlds do not ‘collide’, but instead intertwine seamlessly. Especially useful for parents with pre-teens and teens.

What they will learn in this workshop:

  • Why the need to Touch your children’s heart?
  • Who are our children today?
  • External and Internal influences, direct and indirect competitors
  • Which world are parents in?
  • Reassessing Parent-Child communications
  • Why there are frequent misunderstandings in the family
  • Constructive VS Destructive Dialog
  • Positive Characteristics of Parent to Child
  • Effects of Verbal and Non-Verbal communication of parents on the children
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Strengthening Parent-Child Emotional bonding